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What's new

As an engineer, I often get accused of acting "German."  Well I am.  And my work requires that kind of attention to detail along with focus and an unwillingness to give up. And I do like to have all my "ducks in a row." That is, I like to be efficient and improve my practices.  Unfortuantely, the  accounting part of my practice has not been up to the same standards I set for my engineering work. 

Fortunately, after an extensive search, I have found a program that integrates accounting, business management, and practice managment. It has projects, time management, document management, cloud access on my laptop or cell phone, payroll, credit card processing.  It has an electronic timesheet that actually works and can be customized to the way I work.  One of the best aspects is that everything is integrated - I only need to enter information one time. And it has a reasonable price.

I am currently training on my new Practice Management software and expect to deploy June 2016. I should be able to improve my ADMIN efficiency by 3 times. That means, more time for production work and better service for my Clients. And, more time for fly fishing! 

Our Company

Staaleson Engineering, P.C. is a Structural Engineering Firm that provides structural designs with personal service to clients in the private and public sector in the Seattle/Tacoma Area. We value hard work, innovation, direct speaking, and a job well done.

Computer Programs

We provide you with analysis using various software programs and custom written Excel Spreadsheets:

  • Currently I am writing a Tank Wall design program in Excel-Visual Basic. This spreadsheet will allow me to design Tanks, Vault, and basement walls using ACI 318 or ACI 350. And I will be able to generate a results spreadsheet that will link with my standard detail in AutoCAD.   



Services Provided

Structural Design of New Buildings

  • Commercial, Offices, Warehouses, & Cold-Storage
  • Public Facilities
  • Custom Residences

Renovations, Additions, Repairs, & Seismic Retrofits

  • Add a Story to a Residence
  • Re-level a Foundation with Pipe Pile
  • Enlarge Warehouse service bay doors to allow full use by modern trucks

Structural Investigations

  • Pre-purchase Inspections
  • Structural Condition Assessments
  • Seismic Vulnerability Assessments

Structural Design of Foundations

  • Retaining Walls of Concrete or Masonry
  • Detention Vaults - My new Design Spreadsheet is almost ready!

A Recent Project

Rendering of Custom Residence, Bainbridge, WA designed by Bjorn & Poulsen.

I enjoyed working with Darrin on this project.  Really nice design and comfortable floor plan. 

New 3600 ft2 timber framed building with wood panel shear walls and Strong-Wall Panels designed to minimize horizontal drift and prevent damage to brittle architectural components in earthquakes and wind.

One challange was the cathedral roof over the foyer supported by steel tube columns with marbel cladding and abutting a stone floor. This required column support connections that the Contractor could adjust in the field.

Did You Know That...

There is some hope for constructing safer unreinforced stone buildings in Nepal. Check out "Making Rubble Stone Masonry Earthquake Safe."  https://vimeo.com/142754836