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Engineer's Notes from Afield

SUN SEP 22, 2013. Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, NY

I’ve wanted to do this for (30) years - walk over the Brooklyn Bridge.  Now that I am really here, it is hard to put my feelings into words.  The first impression I got was “The Ages Past.” You know, the Temple of Karnack. I was feeling like Indiana Jones out exploring the world.  There were the cables, the feel of the massive stonework, and the steel framing with laced columns and all fashioned for a purpose by one of the Icons of my own profession, German immigrant, John Augustus Roebling.  

I walked the 1.3 miles over the Bridge with my Mother who is in her late 70’s and has an arthritic foot. I asked Mother if she thought she could make it. I received a cold stare and pursed lips and with steely German determination was told, “I’m walking over this bridge with my son!” 

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Practice Management

I am currently training on my new Practice Management software and expect to deploy June 2017. I should be able to improve my ADMIN efficiency by 3 times. That means, more time for production work, less paper pushing, and better service for my Clients. And, more time for fly fishing! 

Our Company

Staaleson Engineering, P.C. is a Structural Engineering Firm that provides structural designs with personal service to clients in the private and public sector in the Seattle/Tacoma Area. We value hard work, innovation, direct speaking, and a job well done.

Computer Programs

We provide you with analysis using various software programs and custom written Excel Spreadsheets:

  • Currently I am testing a Tank Wall design program I have written in Excel-Visual Basic. This spreadsheet will allow me to design Tanks, Vault, and basement walls using ACI 318 or ACI 350. And I will be able to generate a results spreadsheet that will link with my standard detail in AutoCAD.   



Services Provided

Structural Design of New Buildings

  • Commercial, Offices, Warehouses, & Cold-Storage
  • Public Facilities
  • Custom Residences

Renovations, Additions, Repairs, & Seismic Retrofits

  • Add a Story to a Residence
  • Re-level a Foundation with Pipe Pile
  • Enlarge Warehouse service bay doors to allow full use by modern trucks

Structural Investigations

  • Pre-purchase Inspections
  • Structural Condition Assessments
  • Seismic Vulnerability Assessments

Structural Design of Foundations

  • Retaining Walls of Concrete or Masonry
  • Detention Vaults - My new Design Spreadsheet is almost ready!

A Recent Project

Flitch Beam
Flitch Beam - Strengthening of damaged wood beam with steel channels. 
Residence garage, Kent, WA 

The wood beam which supported the 2nd story above had been notched for placing a garage door opener. A horizontal split propagated from the notch and extended full length of the beam. Strengthening was designed using steel channels fastened with SDS screws and incorporating methods from Timber Rivet Connections.  Minimal galvanizing was accomplished using spray-on ZRC.  

Flitch Beam Design was made using the Excel-VB Spreadsheet I wrote.


One challenge, which is common in construction of repairs with Flitch Beams is to reshore the beam back to "near" horizontal without lifting the beam off of the supporting posts or damaging the architectural components - window - above. The Contractor, George Gundlach of Julius Stewart Construction accomplished this with ease.

Did You Know That...

There is some hope for constructing safer unreinforced stone buildings in Nepal. Check out "Making Rubble Stone Masonry Earthquake Safe."  https://vimeo.com/142754836