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Renovation Projects

Seattle Residence

Residence, Seattle, WA, 2007
Structural design for foundation underpinning and re-leveling of a (3) story residence using steel pipe pile including renovations to strengthening existing elevated concrete slab and retrofit of steel beams and pile supported footings to allow existing walls in basement to be removed.

SeaTac Senior Center

SeaTac Senior Center Addition, SeaTac, WA, 2005
Remove 64’ of existing masonry wall to expand public meeting room size. Supported existing roof across new opening with New Heavy Timber Truss with steel gusset plates and bolted shear plate connectors. New walls were sloped at 18 degrees out of plumb to create an architectural effect. Structural design of 4,000 ft2 renovation to existing interior including a new operable partition wall.


Sears Warehouse Renovation

Sears Warehouse Renovation

Widen openings in concrete warehouse. Evaluate capacity of vertical supports and the lateral force resisting system. Also evaluate existing concrete piers, which exist between openings and are the primary lateral force resisting elements. Design widening for 4 openings in existing concrete to 9', design new dock leveler pits and a new handicap ramp.