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What is a Pre-purchase Inspection?

A Pre-purchase Inspection is a preliminary condition assessment of a home to address questions about the condition of certain structural components in the building, which have been raised by a Home Buyer or Seller or a Home Inspector. Questions often include such issues as a cracked foundation, a sagging beam, or sloping floor.

  • The Seller may want to resolve these questions before putting the home up for sale to avoid a delay in the sale.
  • The Buyer may have questions that arise during previewing the home.
  • Inspector will find an area of concern and recommend that a Licensed Engineer make an inspection.

Results: The Pre-purchase Inspection condition assessment will provide the Client with information on the type and extent of damage that exists in a structure and a concept for needed repair, along with estimates of the cost impact to make repairs, so that you, the Client, can make a more informed decision regarding the purchase of the Residence.

Investigations can generally be conducted within (1) to (3) days of request with Report ready within (24) hours of the site visit. Your Wet Stamped Report will be emailed to you upon completion.

How will the Pre-purchase Inspection be conducted?

Evaluation of the structure condition will be made by a licensed professional engineer based on investigations at the site using methods, which generally follow guidelines presented in ASCE Task Committee on Guidelines for Failure Investigation of the Technical Council on Forensic Engineering.

What problems are commonly encountered?

Chimney settlement Chimney settlement from soil settlement and inadequate foundation
Cracked floor slab Floor slab cracking
Concrete settlement Foundation cracks
Notched beam Floor beam notched at garage door opener